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To get the most out of your holiday, we recommend that you choose one or two regions to explore. The remaining owners have established a separate association to secure their interests. View of historical buildings in Bryggen- Hanseatic wharf in Bergen, Norway. But that is only one of many new attractions opening in the next couple of years. There are also series of architectural surveys of the buildings from 1900 onwards. Free WiFi is offered throughout the property. Bryggen aerial panoramic view. From the smudges of paint, to the newspaper clippings, to the rags and jars and dolls and used coffee mugs, every detail of the place testifies to the 31 years that she’s worked here. By the mid-1900s, though, the old merchant houses and storerooms stood abandoned and in poor repair, outrun by history. Located inside Xhibition Shopping Center, this hotel offers accomodation in Central Bergen. Filename: 10030121.jpg License: Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 IGO Language of resource: Bryggen is the famous pier of Bergen. Now most of these cute looking and colourful buildings … Bryggen is now part of our common heritage and has a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and the city of Bergen is a designated World Heritage City. Find your favourite! “We are open all year. Many fires, the last in 1955, have ravaged the characteristic wooden houses of Bryggen. But if you take a closer look, it has more to offer than just the amazing scenery. The Atlantic Road is beautiful and dramatic. 300 years later the Hanseatic League established their office, and had a huge influence on the city for hundreds of years to come. Towards the back of the gÃ¥rd, there are small fireproof warehouses or storerooms (kjellere) built of stone, for protection of special goods and valuables against fire. Notwithstanding, the medieval urban structure is maintained and the buildings include all elements necessary to demonstrate how Bryggen functioned: offices and dwellings at the front, warehouses in the midsection and assembly rooms (“Schøtstuer”), kitchen facilities and fireproof stone cellars at the back. Want to see Scream with a view? For the next several hundred years the settlement grew ever larger, at its busiest, some 2,000 Germans lived and worked here. Part of these driving enthusiasts’ thrill is to see how their grand tourers stand the test. Bryggen has become a symbol of our cultural heritage and has gained a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Bryggen has been a place of trade for a thousand years. To the outside world, Bryggen is, first and foremost, a façade, albeit an iconic one. This repetitive structure was adapted to the living conditions of the Hanseatic trading post. The German Office had secured a monopoly on the export of dried and salted cod from the rich Norwegian coastline to the north. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf: UNESCO site - See 5,822 traveller reviews, 4,962 candid photos, and great deals for Bergen, Norway, at Tripadvisor. Today, Bryggen is a significant part of the historic wooden city of Bergen. :pricing}} - “I love my loft”, she says. Bergen Tourism Bergen Hotels I do my own thing.” Brudvik is one of many. In 1979, the Committee decided to inscribe the Ohrid Lake on the World Heritage List under natural criteria (iii). Meet two present-day Vikings who aren’t only fascinated by the Viking culture – they live it. The Hanseatic period at Bryggen ended long ago, but the Hanseatic heritage is documented through buildings, archives and artefacts which are well preserved for posterity. Now, then, the Norwegian traders themselves have been relieved. Why is Bryggen so important? There was not an exact match for the language you toggled to. The Germans also made the beautiful old St. Mary’s Church their own, holding sermons in German into the 1900s. Dit is een overblijfsel van een oude houten stedelijke bebouwing die ooit gebruikelijk was in Noord-Europa. Bryggen has been damaged by a number of fires through the centuries and has been rebuilt after every fire, closely following the previous property structure and plan as well as building techniques. The houses are built in a combination of traditional timber log construction, and galleries with column and beam construction with horizontal wooden panel cladding. Bryggen, the old wharf of Bergen, is a reminder of the town's importance as part of the Hanseatic League's trading empire from the 14th to the mid-16th century. Bryggen is privately owned and the majority of the buildings are owned by the Bryggen Foundation, which was established in 1962 with the objective of preserving Bryggen. Back in the day, the sweet scent of tar among the wooden structures would have been overpowered by a heavier odour of dried fish. Many fires, the last in 1955, have ravaged the characteristic wooden houses of Bryggen. The UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, Bergen University and Bergen Central Station are all within 2461 feet. In 1980, this property was extended to include the cultural and historical area, and cultural criteria (i)(iii)(iv) were added. The city of Bergen was founded around 1070 within the boundaries of Tyskebryggen. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. “I want to be here every single day. Price: And so, our excitement was doubled when we first, set our eyes on this breathtaking Wharf from the Strandkaien road seafood market. No Frozen journey would be complete without a visit to Bergen, and the wharf, which is very much alive with activity. “Now it has become a center of creativity, full of genuine people who care about what they’re doing”, says Saudan. Located at an easily defendable position, it was still within reach of ships both from the far north, Iceland and mainland Europe. 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Several fires, the last in 1955, have ravaged the beautiful wooden houses of Bryggen but its main structure has been preserved. Bryggen is a series commercial buildings at the Vagen harbour in Bergen, Norway. Is this Norway’s oddest culinary speciality? {{/}} World Heritage is the designation for places on Earth that are of outstanding universal value to humanity and as such, have been inscribed on the World Heritage List to be protected for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. Rock Art of Alta. View of historical buildings in Bryggen- Hanseatic wharf in Bergen, Norway. Las típicas casas de madera de este barrio fueron pasto de las llamas en numerosas ocasiones; el último incendio se remonta al año 1955. The tall and slim wooden townhouses standing gable to gable along the quayside, seemingly leaning on each other, are instantly recognizable as a symbol of Bergen. World Heritage Site, Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf: A UNESCO World Heritage Site - See 5,820 traveler reviews, 4,961 candid photos, and great deals for Bergen, Norway, at Tripadvisor. But I’m used to it. The world heritage site consists of the old Hanseatic wharf and buildings, and one of the best known urban areas from the Middle Ages in all of Norway. Visit its lesser-known side. Bryggen (Norwegian for the Wharf), is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the fjord coming into Bergen. There’s a lot of small, exciting events going on that even locals should pay much more attention to”, says Brudvik, who stresses that she does not adapt her style to serve the tourists in summer. When it comes to having fun in the snow, Norway is the undisputed king of the hill! An increase in the number of visitors has led to the establishment of restaurants and tourist businesses. The Hanseatic architecture of the UNESCO listed Bryggen Wharf in Bergen inspired the design of Arendelle in the movie. This is an extensive and long-term project for monitoring, safeguarding and restoring Bryggen, including both archaeological deposits and standing buildings. “It still only keeps about 11 degrees Celsius in winter, and drops of water keep falling on my head. {{pricing}} The atmosphere in the pottery is that of an intimate and private workshop, just as much as an open outlet. Bryggen (Norwegian, "The Wharf"), also known as Tyskebryggen ("the German Wharf") is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the fjord coming into Bergen, Norway. As in most of the buildings was built by wood so a lot of them have been destroyed by fire... with the most recent one in 1955. So, where do you start? Some buildings at the back were moved in 1965 to create an open area for fire emergencies, but no further changes have been made to the urban structure since. Very friendly staff, excellent breakfast, really value for money, room was clean and location was good Bergen - World Heritage City Bergen has given a warm welcome to its visitors for more than 900 years. Hordaland, Norway Learn more about Bryggen: Bryggen (Norwegian for the Wharf), also known as Tyskebryggen (the German Wharf) is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the fjord coming into Bergen, Norway. It’s amazing, really.”, Bryggen is one of Bergen's and Norway's main attractions. There is ongoing pressure for urban development in the vicinity of Bryggen. De laatste brand was in 1955. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf: A fantastic UNESCO Worldheritage - See 5,820 traveller reviews, 4,964 candid photos, and great deals for Bergen, Norway, at Tripadvisor. Bryggen (the dock), also known as Tyskebryggen (Norwegian: [ˈtʏ̀skəˌbrʏɡːnÌ©], the German dock), is a series of Hanseatic heritage commercial buildings lining up the eastern side of the Vågen harbour in the city of Bergen, Norway. The iconic new Munch Museum will soon open in Oslo. Criterion (iii): Bryggen bears the traces of social organization and illustrates the use of space in a quarter of Hanseatic merchants that dates back to the 14th century. Toggling to another language will take you to the matching page or nearest matching page within that selection. Its rebuilding has traditionally followed old patterns and methods, thus leaving its main structure preserved, which is a relic of an ancient wooden urban structure once common in Northern Europe. Powder, parks and panoramic views! The most famous UNESCO site in Bergen is the Bryggen wharf, on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. A fire protection system with detection and suppression has been installed and is continually being improved. Life has returned. Bryggen is a historic harbour district in Bergen, one of North Europe’s oldest port cities on the west coast of Norway which was established as a centre for trade by the 12th century. “Every day when I go to work through the alley, I consider the sort of life which would be here in Hanseatic times. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf: NOT THE BEST UNESCO SITE IN THE WORLD - See 5,821 traveller reviews, 4,962 candid photos, and great deals for Bergen, Norway, at Tripadvisor. A group of dedicated Danish amateur bikers found a new road cycling paradise in the steep, winding mountain roads of the Hardangerfjord region in Fjord Norway. {{!preprice}} Check out Norway’s new, super cool saunas. What you don’t see from the street, is that today you’ll find potters, jewellers and artists, and textile and leather crafters’ shops lining either side of the tiny alleys between the rows of historic houses. {{preprice}} The Hanseatic League established a total of four overseas Hanseatic Offices, Bryggen being the only one preserved today. Super comfortable bed, amazing shower and better value for money then expected I have been an artist since I was a little girl, and I could never do anything else.”, In one of the alleys below, dressmaker Vibeke Øvstedal and visual artist Katrine Lund share a small workshop and outlet. “The history is in the walls”, says Lund. Bryggen aerial view, Norway. It's the face of this iconic city, a major part of the cultural heritage of both Bergen and the country, and since 1979 has a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Whether you go hiking in the Norwegian mountains driving on country roads, it’s just about impossible not to meet one of the free-range Norwegian sheep. The stakeholders at Bryggen collaborate in different constellations of owners and authorities. Any development which may have visual impact on the World Heritage property is monitored closely by the cultural heritage authorities. The adopted protection plan includes an extensive area that functions as a buffer zone. There is only one way up to the peak of the mountain pass, and it’s as steep and winding as is gets. Yet just some 50 years ago, the story was a rather different one. Bryggen is managed according to a management plan that is revised regularly. Bergen, Norway. Heat up before you go bathing! #bryggen is an Unesco list for World Cultural Heritage sites of medieval Wharf with colourful wooden clad buildings #norway. “Bryggen, the old wharf … Are you ready to learn alpine skiing from the best? Outside, the footsteps and murmur of a thousand tourists and travellers can be heard. Managing a World Heritage Site In 1979, the site became Norway’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Urnes Stave Church.

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