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As we walked out the door, someone pulled us aside and told us the fellow who so kindly helped me with my basketball shot was the Prince of Bhutan. The Bhutanese people live such a happy life nestled away in one of the last great Himalayan kingdoms . Could travel really be the best medicine? We certainly can't. Bhutan is not an easy country to travel through; traveling from one place to another usually involves passing over a mountain, on two way roads barley wide enough for one car with a thousand feet drop on both sides. In 2007, Bhutan had the second fastest growing GDP in the world, at the same time as maintaining their environment and cultural identity. “The poorer farmers don’t mind because the service they provide supports the community. Is Bhutan the happiest place ... story in the state-run Kuensel newspaper claimed a survey had revealed people from the Haa district in the west of the country were apparently the happiest. When in Bhutan, the happiest country in the world! The country has been ranked as the happiest country in all of Asia, and the eighth Happiest Country in the world according to Business Week. The Bhutanese government argues the philosophy acts as ‘a compass towards a just and harmonious society’ and the questionnaire identifies gaps in happiness—such as that men tend to be happier than women, and urban, educated residents tend to be happier than rural citizens—and where they can improve amenities to re-address the balance. World's Happiest Country Also Has No Carbon Emissions The small kingdom of Bhutan could be a model for countries on the front lines of climate change. “It becomes a community which makes them happy,” says Sonam. In many ways, GNH seems a natural extension of the Mahayana Buddhism that 75 per cent of the population follows. 10-year-old Jigme (pictured) claims happiness is when you make something to share with others. Trouble is, at that time Bhutan’s population stood at 787,386, meaning just 0.9 per cent of inhabitants were surveyed. For those who may not know, Bhutan is a country in Southeast Asia that is just south of China. It’s a country where happiness, chivalry, gentleness, and richness have found their permanent residency. Known as the happiest country in Asia, Bhutan is a small country, smaller than Rio de Janeiro, located in the south of the Asian continent, which borders China, India and the eastern end of the Himalayas. But how does a country measure happiness and what’s it like to live that philosophy? The Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Denmark which took the top 5 positions, scored well above 7.00 while Bhutan scored 5.082. Washington, DC 20008. “It works because our country is small,” says Sonam. The conversations you have along the way, On the Incense Route: How frankincense helped changed the world, Life inside Chernobyl, one of the most polluted places on earth. The society and culture, as well as the economy, become linked to the rest of the world and the ideas of the world flow into that country, often destroying culture. Bhutan is famously the only country in the world to rank Gyalyong Gakid Palzom, or Gross National Happiness (GNH), above GDP. Bhutan - Greenest - Happiest - Country 을(를) 무료로 감상하려면 Click now를 클릭하십시오! Sceptics may accuse Bhutan of practising rose-tinted politics, yet their government has never denied the importance of GDP—rather, they rearranged its position in the hierarchy of needs. In the 1990s, around 100,000 Hindu Nepalese—about 28 per cent of the population—were forcibly expelled from Bhutan after pushback over the 1989 royal decree made it mandatory to wear the national costume. They manage spiritual and material happiness equally Also, 70% of Bhutan is covered with forest, so you know, the people of Bhutan are never away from the pristine nature, which not only keeps them happy but also healthy. Travel to Bhutan, also known as the “Switzerland of Asia”, to discover its secrets to happiness. Aside from its glorious spirituality and strong Buddhist beliefs, Bhutan is home to high places, ancient monasteries, and ancient dzongs. During my final days in Bhutan, I lodge at a homestay in the remote Haa Valley. Trying to achieve it on a countrywide scale, then, may seem naïve; even impossible. While that may be somewhat optimistic, the ‘unhappy’ 15 per cent is likely to include Nepalese inhabitants. Bhutan has a ban on smoking, tattoos, and the sale and consumption of alcohol on Tuesdays. Happiness is a slippery state of being—by its very nature, it comes and goes. Bhutan's constitution specifies that at least 60% of the country must remain forested, making it the only country in the world that absorbs more carbon than it emits. Atualizado em 19/04/2019. How many people close to you can you count on if sick, or if having financial problems? If all nations worldwide used a (GNH) to judge “the preservation and promotion of cultural values,” I think many people would judge globalization negatively. As soon as the plane touched down in Bhutan, the beautiful landscape overwhelmed me. Priya Srivastava. But as I flew into Bhutan, I realized that the mountains I saw out of the window of the tiny shaky plane were Mt. —-. Read more Bhutan’s unique strategy has presented a solution to globalization. For men, that means the knee-length gho (robe), and the sari-style kira (skirt) and tego (jacket) for women. He promises to “maintain a stance of protection against the worst aspects of globalization, maintaining the ‘Gross National Happiness.’ But Jigme himself is no stranger to globalization. reserved. The hidden joy of travel? They are able to adapt to globalization, to strengthen their economy, while still preserving thousand year old traditions and culture. This is a country best known for its amazing spiritual buildings, rich culture, and spectacular peaks and valleys. Tourist flocking to the happiest country in the world are lured by its natural beauty, old monasteries, its colorful festivals, and warm Bhutanese hospitality. Bhutan only allows a certain number of foreigners into the country each year, and the two hundred dollars a day that must be paid by every traveler is a deterrent for many. Over five months, 7,153 Bhutanese were interviewed across the country and it was concluded that GNH has grown significantly from 0.743 in 2010 to 0.756 in 2015, showing “overall people’s lives are getting better” and that “a total of 91.2 per cent of Bhutanese were narrowly, extensively, or deeply happy” (GNH Survey Report). How does Bhutan measure happiness. In 2007, Bhutan had the second fastest growing GDP in the world, at the same time as maintaining their environment and cultural identity. "Bhutan is a mountainous country, highly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. ISBN 978-81-7824-008-4. In 2015, Bhutan set a new world record by planting 50,000 trees in just one hour. Internet, television, and western dress were banned from the country up until ten years ago. While the concept of happiness should extend to all the people, not just the individual, the GNH Survey Report notes that, “Farmers are less happy than other professions,” which highlights something of a disconnect between perception and reality. All rights This small Himalayan country, which opened its doors to foreigners only in the 1970s, is known by the world over for its long history of isolation and the reputation of being the happiest country in the world. Randy Durband, CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, agrees: “For practical reasons, few nations could follow their model because of Bhutan’s dramatic isolation. Unlike other parts of the world where development is gauged by per capita income, in Bhutan the development index is monitored by a concept, unique to Bhutan only, namely the Gross National Happiness, where the country’s development is measured in terms of citizen’s "happiness". It is the only country in the world to measure success not by economic growth but by gross national happiness (GNH). Our group gathered in Delhi to start our adventure in Bhutan. One boy who seemed to be everyone’s center of attention, who was very good at basketball, ended up making friends with me. In recent years, internet, cable television, cell phones, as well as many other modern technologies and ideas have become a part of Bhutan, but their desire to preserve of cultural values, as well as the desire to protect the environment has remained high. In 2004, I lived in Bhutan for a month at the time the King was transitioning the government to a democracy. Prayer flags in Bhutan are raised outside homes, strung across bridges, hoisted on hilltops and hung at other places of spiritual importance in the belief that the wind blowing through them initiates their inherent energy, bringing happiness, good luck, prosperity and longevity. How do they do it? This was very telling to me – that the Prince of Bhutan would play basketball with kids at the local court, showing how Bhutan was still a small isolated world, where a Prince was safe to walk the streets and do as he pleased. Lhuntse Dzong; Bhutan is a sovereign and landlocked country in South Asia bordered by China in the north and Indian in the south. Bhutan is a small country enclaved in the Himalayas between two great countries, India and China. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck now helps Bhutan perfect the balance between maintaining ones cultural values and traditions while increasing their economy, the same way he helped me perfect my basketball shot years back on a local court in Bhutan. Everest and K2, the two highest mountains in the world. It is hard to imagine that such a small country, the size of Indiana with the population of Alaska, tucked in the Himalaya Mountains, accessible only by two airplanes, is the “Happiest Country” in the world, the last standing Buddhist Kingdom and has one of the fastest growing GDP’s in the world. Bhutan has incessantly been ranked as the happiest country in all of Asia, and one of the happiest countries in the world according to Business Week. • A.P. But over the past ten years globalization has begun to change in Bhutan, but things remain perfectly balanced. The country is known for being really small and for being really happy. Buddhists also are very influential politically with a guaranteed voice in public policy. We embark on another tour around the stupa. As Sonam freely admits: “It’s complicated, but at least they’re trying a new model.” And in today’s increasingly fractured political and social landscape, perhaps this is an argument that’s worth having. With a total area of 38,394 km 2, Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world.Bhutan is the only independent Buddhist Kingdom in the Himalayas. Try using these tags: It’s not easy determining the state of citizens’ happiness, but that’s the aim in Bhutan. I’m meandering along the world’s friendliest road. In 2007, the country had the second-fastest-growing GDP in the world. Its landscape is mountainous, with peaks reaching … Bhutan didn't become the "happiest nation in the world" overnight, and this is perhaps in itself a misleading statement - how can you reduce something so subjective by quantifying it? Bhutan - Greenest - Happiest - Country(을)를 감상하십시오! The country is 100% Buddhist and they believe in treating each other with respect. Jigme, my host’s 10-year-old nephew, shows me how to whizz down the wooden bannisters and later, at dinner, he shuffles across the wooden floorboards to sit next to me. I ask Sonam how happy he thinks his fellow countrymen are. Trying to achieve it on a countrywide scale, then, may seem naïve; even impossible. India, Bhutan has been consistently known to be the world's happiest place, and it is a unique country that measures its progress based on happiness. GNH Origin ~ By: Dasho Karma Ura, President, the Centre for Bhutan Studies The country then celebrated their newborn Prince by planting another 108,000 trees. In many cases, developing nations lose their cultures, origins, and way of life, languages, as well as natural resources to globalization.

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